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Eric Beauplace is a contemporary plastic artist. The term ‘plastic artist’ is not used here in the traditional sense. Eric Beauplace manipulates materials, creates colours and volumes, and composes, but the tools he uses are not those of a sculptor or a painter. 

Nothing is fixed in the works he produces; motion is constant. His works are intimately linked to the surrounding light, the movements of the viewer and of every eye that settles on them. Eric Beauplace’s wall sculptures use materials to receive light and pass it on to each other, creating an intense optical experience.

The transparencies and reflections, sparkles, diffractions, and other phenomena that they produce open up many possible avenues for interpretation. Colours are born, blend and break free, patterns repeat and give rhythm to the whole. Unpredictability prolongs the work indefinitely, in a harmony of sculptural contingencies meticulously set up by the artist. 

As a viewer himself of what he creates, Eric Beauplace is a researcher: he experiments, observes, pursues to the end and repeats his creative processes. His work is a constant experiment that he invites the viewer to participate in. More than just conveying a message, the artist aims to arouse a sense of escape, perhaps even meditation.

The artist has created a path with the viewer at the centre, walking through this changing environment, never able to completely discern what it is. A dimensional, chromatic intimacy is forged, a reflection of the visible and its slow changes. This unique, fluid and highly visual work by Eric Beauplace is experienced through contemplation and, at the risk of losing ourselves in it, enriches us with a new spirituality.

Eric Beauplace’s achievement is not only the object’s structural form but also the relationship between the viewer, the work and its environment.

Eric Beauplace was born in France in 1962. He lives and works in Paris.

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