My research is focused on the meeting between material and light, which leads us into a subtle interplay of shadows, colours and transparency, phenomena of reflection and diffraction.

Light, depending on its origins, how it changes at different moments of the day, its power, plays the role of catalyst on the material. It is for this reason that I experiment with different materials, play with their optical properties, study their versatile, unpredictable effects.

I do not necessarily seek to show a moment fixed at a precise instant, but, on the contrary, to reveal the change, the evolution. Transparency of materials, games of mirrors and reflections, vibrating murmurs of lights, shadows filtered or coloured, duplication of shape or variation in colour, so many new directions for perception, so many new opportunities to discover, explore or intensify the effects of light.

I seek to ensure that the gaze is a real part of the work, where the content is not static but is rather revealed and transformed depending on the movement of the light and the position of the person discovering it.

I was born in France in 1962. I live and work in Paris.

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