I was born in France in 1962. I spent my teenage years in Japan, and I still retain from this period of my life moments spent exploring Japanese gardens, the perfect place for contemplation. Their faces, shifting with movement, gaze, time or season, a timeless vision buried in my subconscious, would guide me later in my artistic process.

Back in France, my ended studies, I leave discovering South America for several years.

It was there that I discovered the equatorial forest, an enchanting universe, which fascinated me. I began my first sculptures using the richness offered me by this environment.

I returned to live in France. Little time goes by and I found once again this need to create, to explore new sensory perceptions of material. It was at this point that I focused my research on acrylic glass in all of its various aspects.

I am not part of any school and find my inspiration in the things around me, taking the time, finding a fresh perspective, marvelling in the vibrations of the light on the media on which it plays.

I live and work in Paris area.

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